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Citizens for Animal Protection

Project: Bequests

Objective: To identify donors who had already designated CAP in their will and to motivate others to do so.

Problem: CAP had no budget to do a separate mailing to meet the above objective. They also had no development staff to execute a planned giving program.CAP Mailing

Strategy: Meet the objective through an existing mailing and contract through other sources to manage planned gifts.

Solution: In order to determine which CAP donors had already specified CAP as a beneficiary or might be interested in doing so, Marcia Feldman & Associates added questions about wills and estates to a spring mailing called "The Pawgram" that already contained a questionnaire. Marcia Feldman & Associates and CAP's Executive Director initiated the "CAP Codicil Club" to recognize donors who include CAP in their will. The Codicil Club awards these donors with special pins and a luncheon in their honor each year. CAP automatically inducted donors who indicated existing gifts willed to CAP in the questionnaire. The Club also generated interest in planned giving for those who had not previously contemplated designating CAP in their wills.

Results: The now annual "The Pawgram" direct mail campaign for CAP typically results in approximately 50 requests for additional information per mailing. The mailing has also established a group of 105 donors who have designated CAP in their wills. Each year the Codicil Club Luncheon is well attended and Members look forward to sharing their lifetime commitment to CAP.

See the CAP website for more information.


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