Direct Mail

Direct mail offers a nonprofit organization the opportunity to communicate its mission and fundraising needs to large targeted audiences. When carefully executed, a direct mail acquisition campaign often attracts a significant number of new donors. With proper cultivation, some of these donors can become long-term major benefactors. Most other development activities rely heavily on a diverse, growth-oriented donor base. A successful direct mail program can help build an important foundation for development activities such as capital campaigns and planned giving.

Marcia Feldman & Associates provides a number of services to design and implement an effective direct mail program.

  • Determine year-round donor direct mail strategy
  • Perform research to determine appropriate and available mailing lists
  • Acquire those lists for the mailing
  • Draft and edit appeal letters
  • Create reply device, outgoing and return envelope, and other enclosures
  • Manage and direct data processing, paper, printing and mail shop services
  • Conduct quality assurance throughout program
  • Analyze and report on mailing results
  • Recommend reply to responsive donors

See also our case studies for detailed examples of what custom-designed direct mail can do for your non-profit organization.


Direct mail is about putting the right letter in the right person's hands.